Over the past few years, People Academy has been privileged to work with many organisations, worldwide, helping them shape and implement culture change.



A world-class brand, and world-class product… not much need for change at BMW. However, the UK board saw things differently. Taking a leaf from the All Blacks world-beating philosophy, they subscribed to the view “When you’re at the top of your game, change your game!”

They recognised that the workplace of the future is going to be unrecognisable compared to that of today, that technological change is occurring exponentially, and that a fresh approach to management and leadership will be required.

In 2014, with our help, they embarked on a change campaign to touch the very heart and soul of leadership, to transform the way managers are perceived and the kind of relationships that exist between employee and employer. In 2016, the campaign continued momentum, with a People Academy programme for managers to develop ‘Authentic Leadership’ and to help managers develop their leadership philosophy. The campaign has played a pivotal role in shaping a High Performance Culture for the future.


Authentic Leadership: People Academy’s Lillian Hosea, 2016

Authentic Leadership: People Academy’s Lillian Hosea, 2016




The driver for culture change was the recognition that, although Team USA had some of the world’s best sports coaches and performance directors, there was scope for achieving even higher levels of performance by developing their ‘people acuity’ and agility in the way they engage with stakeholders.

People Academy at Colorado Springs


We worked with cohorts of Olympic coaches to release the untapped potential in all of them, to become more effective and develop real mastery of the People Dimension. The results have been astoundingly positive. The ultimate test will be how this translates into medals and performances at the Rio and Pyeong Chang Olympics.



“People Academy were just awesome and changed both my professional and personal life, thank you.”
- Head Coach USA Archery


“If medals were being given to organisations at the top of their game, then People Academy would be in Gold medal position every-time.”
- Head Coach USA Biathlon


“An incredible emotional journey of self discovery.’’
- Assistant Coach USA Women's Soccer


"I have never been encouraged to reflect so much and challenge my thinking in all my life.’’
- Head Coach USA Paralympic Swimming


“You guys at People Academy, you completely knocked me out the park, thank you.”
- Head Coach USA Diving


“As a result of this programme, I’ve actually started seeking out feedback and that was a game changer.”
- Head of USA Snowboarding



In the next blog in this series, we’ll share some of the thinking behind our approach with these and other organisations seeking to develop high performance cultures.


The People Academy team in LA Galaxy Stadium, 2015

The People Academy team in LA Galaxy Stadium, 2015