Miles Henson



Miles is a charismatic and engaging mentor, coach and executive consultant to managers, coaches and executive teams - helping them to deliver people transformation and culture change. He is an established keynote speaker at major client conferences, and has worked in many different cultures and industries covering 35 countries in the last 15 years.

Drawing on his wealth of coaching and facilitation experience, Miles enjoys the challenge of helping global organizations and teams to communicate effectively, with a focus on understanding how modifying our communication can resonate with different people.

Miles is working at the forefront of people development, including the creation of business tools as the world of people development changes. He is also co-author and founder of ‘I Get You Pro’ a ground-breaking App that both profiles and delivers a wealth of tactics for anyone that coaches, manages or sells to people.

Lillian Hosea



Specializing in learning and organizational development, Lillian works with blue chip companies to create bottom line increases through behavior change in their management and sales teams. In partnership with clients, Lillian works to unlock the potential of people by creating the conditions through which change can be achieved, and helps to provide clarity around what needs to be different within their organization to deliver a positive outcome.

In collaboration with her colleagues, Lillian enjoys creating world class, innovative programs of learning that switch on light bulbs in people's head. Every client is different, and Lillian believes that understanding the clients is key to achieving results and leads to lasting relationships. 

Lillian's areas of expertise include: Change management consulting (board level), Leadership and management learning, Employee development programs and Culture change consulting.

Phil Ferrar



Phil Ferrar is an inspiring and challenging facilitator and management consultant, with an extensive background in delivering performance improvement. He is also a Masters-level executive coach and behavior change specialist, with a successful track record in helping organizations drive through sustained programs in culture change and leadership development. As a mentor, Phil has been able to influence transformational change and personal growth to a substantial number of people.

Phil has worked in many sectors, including automotive, banking, financial services, government, healthcare, insurance, IT, precision engineering, retail, sports, telecoms. 

In the academic sphere, Phil's research (Coaching & Mentoring, Oxford Brookes UK) has been instrumental in developing a deeper understanding of the psychology behind the 'manager-as-coach' relationship, and is regarded as a seminal piece of work.


Senior Consultant & Coach


Nic draws upon his experience in sales, sales management, people development and leadership to be an engaging and challenging facilitator and coach.  His background is predominately in financial services where he has worked across many different distribution channels in over a dozen different countries. 

Nic works with teams and individuals, at all levels through an organisation, to help them achieve desired behavioural change.  Whether designing learning programs, coaching business leaders or facilitating multicultural workshops Nic’s focus is on understanding the ‘workplace reality’ and therefore what will motivate and drive change and how to make that change stick.  He enjoys helping individuals and teams find efficiencies by communicating and collaborating more effectively.

Nic has held senior learning and development positions within both corporate and consultancy organisations. 



Executive Consultant & Elite Coach

David was a world class Hockey player, playing international hockey from 1982 to 1991, winning an Olympic Gold Medal at the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, as well as World and European Silver medals. David achieved 225 international caps and in 1989 voted the National Hockey Writers Player of the Year and National League Player of the Year.


Holding the position of Performance Director of England and Great Britain Hockey from 2005 to 2012, he was a key member of the England Hockey Board executive team that saw regular Podium finishes of the England and Great Britain men’s and women’s teams. During his tenure England men and women climbed from 11th in 2005 to 4th in the world rankings by 2012. The highlights during this period was the men winning the European Championships for the first time ever in 2009, a first Champions Trophy medal for 25 years in 2010 and 4th place in the 2012 London Olympic Games. The women won their first ever medals at the 2010 World Cup and Champions Trophy and a bronze medal at the 2012 London Olympic Games, the first for Great Britain in 20 years.


In 2012 David joined Millfield School as the Director of Sport. His responsibilities include the leadership and development for all areas of sporting activity, including strategy, coaching, operations and facilities. He is a member of the GB Swimming Performance Management Group, a member of the RFU Player Development sub committee, acts as a peer reviewer, mentor to their leadership programme and investment panel for UK Sport and supports/advises a number of Olympic Sports on talent and coach development, governance and performance management. David also commentates for World Hockey television and BBC Radio Five Live.


In the business world, David also has a wealth of experience working on a daily basis with Hargreaves Sports from 1988 through to 2010. The business held major contracts with worldwide corporates such as Microsoft, BT and Rolls Royce, UK armed forces and emergency services.


Today, David is a key member of the People Academy team. His work in the areas of leadership and developing high performing teams is unique and high impact, particularly with executive teams and boards.

John Trower

Head of Performance

John Trower, head of performance people academy.png

John is a highly respected coach developer, working with sports coaches and performance directors in all disciplines to develop their coaching philosophy and become authentic leaders as well as coaches at the top of their game.

John’s focus as a performance consultant and elite coach mentor, is drawing out of coaches the values and beliefs that drive their coaching behaviours. He is currently engaged with coach development schemes, in USA and Europe, working with a variety of sports whose coaches are engaged in progressing their coaching delivery and their coaching practice.

John has coached athletes who have won multiple medals in World Championships and Olympic Games. He is also a sports broadcaster, commentating at the Olympic Games in 1996 and 2012, and in 2014 at the Nanjing Youth Olympics in China.